machine takes off

Graphic identity of the exhibition, Deployment throughout the place, Printed materials, Motion Design

1895, the «Mundaneum» machine takes off...
At the root of this humanist and universalist project is the deep conviction that peace in the world is possible thanks to the classification and sharing of knowledge.Behind these ideas, which embody an unwavering belief in progress and human knowledge, are menand women with incredible but often forgotten destinies : Paul Otlet, recognised as one of the fathers of the Internet ; Henri La Fontaine, winnerof the Nobel Peace Prize ; and Léonie La Fontaine, a key figure of Belgian feminism.

A veritable laboratory for thinking about the world, the Mundaneum has for decades housed and embodied the dreams of visionaries who devoted their entire lives to knowledge, information and documentation sciences, right down to inventing a real search engine long before the internet. This innovative project paved the way for many of the technologies that are now part of our everyday lives. What remains today of this extraordinary adventure ? A unique archival heritage, strong universal values and a utopian vision of the world that is still relevant and questions all of us as citizens.

This new permanent exhibition invites you to understand this formidable machine for thinking about the world, which offers timeless insight intoour social issues.
So take a journey through time to better understand the world of tomorrow.

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