Grand Tour

A poetic and philosophical walk outside the beaten track.

Mue, Mars & Latitude 50
Grand Tour

Culture who are you?

[Belgium] On the paths from Chassepierre to Marchin and from Marchin to Mons, from forests to slag heaps, cross the variegated landscapes of Wallonia, savor their surprises, meet some of their inhabitants, stop in a grouped habitat, on a square or in a soccer refreshment stand. Every morning during 12 days, to gather in circle walkers of all horizons, passers-by, citizens and professionals of the sector, artists accomplices and philosophers of the everyday life... More than 200 kilometers of strides and common breaths which carry intimate and shared reflections on art,
culture and the world.

An adventure initiated and supported by the Festival de Chasspierre, Mons Arts de la Scène and Latitude 50

Photographs: Olivier Donnet
Text: Marie Godart

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